Best of Twitter from June 17, 2021

It’s getting hot in here. And no, we’re not talking about the beloved (and thankfully forgotten) 90s song, neither have we looked in the mirror by accident. Who does that anyway after a year of quarantine, while having access to junk food (aka self love) literally 24/7? Since the first heatwave of the year is hitting us like a battering ram while living in a house full of donuts and half the police force hungry in front of it, being pushed into a shark infested nothern sea doesn’t sound so bad anymore, as long as it’s cold and, well: liquid. And yes, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean again, what about it? Where were we? Right. It’s getting hot in a sea full of sharks while Johnny Depp is hitting on us with a battering ram. Or something like that. You know what? Here are our gems of the day. Bring in the big fans.