Best of Twitter from June 24, 2021

Can you feel it? There’s something in the air. It smells like…energy. Joy. Freedom. It’s the smell of the upcoming weekend! Only one more day, then unlike the bitter, revolting and somehow slightly depressing smell of Monday, the weekend is like a breeze of fresh air mixed with a teeny tiny share of love. Or LSD for some folks. Or a cute llama. In any case something with an L and it has to be a good thing. While some of us are still exchausted from the work week, the heatwave and having to socialize with other humans again, most people enjoy the possibility to get finally rejected at parties in person again. Others got used to the company of animals and drugs and prefer to stay that way, what is more romantic to ride into the sunset on your favorite racoon? Okay, perhaps the LSD wasn’t the best idea, anyways, what is always a good idea? Right, our gems. Enjoy!