Best of Twitter from November 14, 2020

The week comes to an end, so what happened? Most of the world’s leaders congratulated Biden for winning the election, so the case finally seems pretty clear. Although we refuse to accept any outcome until Britney and Madonna give us a sign, but that’s just us. As a little treat, 2020 gave us a mutated form of COVID-19 in Denmark, where a few million minks are a tiny bit worried now. So are elderly upper class ladies around the world, winter is coming and you really can’t show up at the latest benefit event wearing last seasons fur coat. Our heart goes out to both concerned parties. What else? Europe is still in lockdown and the price of alcohol, especially booze, is slowly going up. Which means PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER WE CAN’T FUNCTION WITHOUT sorry, we meant here is our Daily for you. And why don’t you click on a few ads, they’re really interesting! Have fun.