Best of Twitter from November 6, 2020

It’s not official yet, but it looks like Joe Biden can start looking for new curtains for the Oval Office! Yes, the Biden/Harris-Team is in the lead as the last votes are being counted and the rat…, excuse me, the Republicans desert the sinking ship. More and more members of the GOP prepare themselves for the next term and step away from the current President. Donald Trump? Never heard of him!


Anyway, we should not forget that it’s 2020 – the year in which ANYTHING is possible! And even if we get the official results within the next hours, the coming weeks are going to be interesting. Is Big D going to concede? Will Twitter finally delete all accounts of the Trump family? Well, we promise some fine day we are going to give you a wider range of topics, but today we have another issue of our «Daily #Election2020-Edition». Please enjoy!