The best way to solve Covid is to turn it into some sort of game where the state with the lowest cases each week gets a pizza party or some shit. This unfortunately would work really well.

13 Of The Funniest Tweets This Week #1

We’ve been looking for the best from this week for you today. So here are the gems we discovered from the last seven days. Especially for you! Have fun!

You: I’m taking a trip to Scandinavia. Me: OMG. Nor. Way. LOL. You: And now I’m not bringing you anything. Me: So we’re Finnished here? LOL.

Our weekly top 10 Tweets from December 6, 2019!

December is here, Christmas is near! This week is scheduled, why english is the easiest language, which similarities exist between earth and hell and how to avoid having to pay your rent. Have fun!