Cool And Funny Wifi Name Ideas

We all have it, we all love it and sometimes all we need is free Hotspot. I think everybody knows a few creative and funny WiFi Names. But where the hell did everybody get these names from?! Exactly! Twitter! There’s a whole bunch of funny and hilarious WiFi names that will make you laugh. Maybe tease your neighbors or be a little bit of a joker with your friends when they ask you for the name or password for your WiFi network. Your network is your castle and your castle should have the best name ever. So here you go. We have some of the funniest WiFi name ideas and related Tweets for you! Have fun!


Big Brother is watching you

It just hurts

My weird neighbor

I love my wifi

Oh this neighborhood…

Jon WiFi Snow

Hillary for Internet!

Who is Router?

Praise the Internet Lord!

A whole house of great WiFi names

The internet accepts every challange!

Hot, hotter, WiFi


Change your password from time to time

Surveillance Birds

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