Do we have a winner yet? Best of #Election2020 Part II

Hush, be very quiet. Can you hear it? No, it is not a spoiled cat sitting in a tree and not having the guts to jump. This is the whining of a spoiled person not being able to accept its defeat! Although it is still not a hundred percent clear, that Joe Biden is the president-elect, there is nothing more assuring than the crying of a white mob to stop the counting! Except for the states where they are behind the Democrats of course, there they yell to count faster. Although all of this seems too crazy to be truly happening, it actually is not that surprising. Bernie Sanders, who was unsuccessfully running for President both in 2016 and 2020, predicted basically all of this back in October on The Tonight Show! (Check out #1!)


Well, although our eyeballs are about to explode after hours of constantly watching blue and red maps we still found the energy to hunt down the best tweets regarding this crazy election so far. Please enjoy!