The 12 Best Tweets about Funny Zodiac Signs

Have you ever believed in horoscopes or the magic of zodiac signs? Or do you ever want to know the secret superpower of your zodiac sign? Well, I’m afraid we can’t tell you either. What we can say is that the characteristics of zodiac signs are always something ‹very special›! Today we have brought you the best tweets about funny zodiac signs and funny horoscopes and hope that the sky is well-disposed towards us! Take it with humor and find your funny zodiac signs!


The funniest zodiac signs

But my horoscope says…

Dating a guy who’s into astrology

Glad you brought that up!

Horoscope consulting, what can I do for you?

Never marry an Aries!

When you’re horoscope want’s you to stay single

Shut up, this is my zodiac sign!

Omg, how can you know this?!

The bond is strong

Astrology Karen be like

Must be a funny zodiac sign to be

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