The best of Gen Z vs Millenials vs Boomers

Younger generations mocking the older ones is probably a tale as old as time. But make no mistake, Gen Z has a whole new set of technology on their hands, meaning it’s not so much a war but a slaughter. And usually not a pretty one. Between the 60+ generation and the one with egg shells behind their still wet ears are the Millennials aka Gen X. Basically like ducks in a row stuck in a shooting contest. But at least the whole duck and cover thing keeps you fit, so who would complain? Another nice side effect are a bunch of extremely funny Tweets, so here we go. Enjoy!


#1: Ouch, that hurt

#2: Let’s be glad they’re still standing on their own

#3: Everyone loves watching a good fight

#4: We are happy to live in a closet with our tablets

#5: Too close to home. TOO CLOSE!

#6: Don’t mess with family

#7: We walked so Gen Z can run

#8: And we support it!

#9: Janet, the mother of Karen

#10: Sneakers are forever, everyone knows that

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