im such an idiot Bitcoin down to $2.70 a pop. So glad i didn't buy in on that mess.

20 of the Funniest Tweets This Week (#17)

Hello and welcome to Best of Twitter! We hope you continue to have an incredible amount of fun and strain your laugh muscles this week with our best Tweets of the week!

Now that we live in covid times I can’t believe we used to have to go to work with a cold and it would be normal to just infect everyone with your cold

21 of the Funniest Tweets This Week (#16)

What do Joe Biden’s inauguration, the stimulus check, $15 minimum wage and Bernie Sanders have in common? That’s right, you can find it all in our Weekly! Have fun!

No negativity in 2021 unless it’s Covid or pregnancy tests

20 of the Funniest Tweets This Week (#14)

The first week of the new year is over and what can we say – what a roller coaster ride. Led by the storming of the Capitol in Washington D.C. We’ve put together the best …

I just got My hand back. #RIPMaradona

19 of the Funniest Tweets This Week (#10)

We’ve been looking for the best Tweets for you again this week and here’s the result: All the events, everything that’s going on on Twitter right now – we’ve got it! Have fun with the …