The Best Tweets About Anti-Vaxxers

Imagine an alternate universe, where the Food and Drug Administration has to do a press release, that ends with «You are not a horse. You are not a cow. We are begging you to stop taking animal dewormer!». Did we say alternate? Joke’s on us, because that’s exactly what’s happening right now. And let’s be clear, we have a quite vivid imagination, but that was on no one’s 2021 bingo card. So the universe keeps on surprising us, but we’re not talking about the good kind of «here’s a new tree that grows ice cream» surprises. More the kind of «did you know there are actually 13 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and they are real?» stuff. But we won’t complain, because that means there’s a neverending spree of Tweets that make the whole experience more bearable. In fact we complain a lot, but that’s another topic. Today we proudly present a collections of gems about people who don’t believe in vaccines. In 2021. Cheers!



#2: Brave new world

#3: There’s just one T in truth

#4: We have no idea

#5: Let’s hope some people mutate into getting a brain

#6: Thoughts and prayers to the bathroom

#7: Karen can’t even

#8: Show it to the libtards by killing yourself

#9: Does a raccoon count?

#10: Perspectives seem to change once you’re in the ICU

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