The best Tweets About Climate Change

With the polar vortex raging around Europe this weekend, making our freezers look like a perfect sunny beach to relax a bit (don’t try it, we did and had to eat our way out through a lot of ice cream), one could be tempted to think about climate change again. Granted, in 2020 we mostly had other things on our mind like not waking up to a Hunger Games episode because Trump fell asleep on the red button by accident. Or not killing grandma during the holidays because we made out with the one person during a «study meeting in the evening» that just came home from Florida and carried a deadly virus. Ah, fun times. So while we’re practicing our skills in building an igloo that doesn’t fall apart when an icebear sneezes at it, perhaps we should start the discussion about how to save the planet again. Because, you know, we don’t have that many. In the meantime, here are a few tweets to think about. Enjoy!