The best Tweets About Jeff Bezos’s Spaceflight

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeff Bezos. Jeff is rich as hell and bored to death. Plus, he looks like an alien and has reached a certain age at which men tend to buy shiny things that nobody really needs but make great chitchat topics. In sum, it’s not utterly surprising that Jeff recently decided to spend a little change on something the world needs right now – a laugh. (The rocket alone is pure comedy material!) Please have fun with the best Tweets about Jeff Bezos’s very short space excursion!


#1: In fairness, he had to hold it for the entire time too

#2: Wonder how it tastes

#3: So inspiring

#4: Basically a homie trip (by the way, he also took 82-year-old Wally Funk)

#5: You can’t make this up

#6: Have you heard Jeff talking?

#7: Oh why start now …

#8: Aren’t there a couple of zeros missing?

#9: Well, he did go to Princeton after all

#10: Used to this stuff by now

#11: What kind of rocket is this?

#12: We’re in it

#13: She’s on to something

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