The Best Tweets About OnlyFans

In this week’s edition of «how to shoot yourself in the left foot» we have OnlyFans, a platform which is known for one thing and one thing only: sex workers selling videos or webcam shows of themself. No middleman, they choose when, how and what they offer, no pressure to make e certain amount of income, taxes are being paid automatically. Sounds great, right? A step into the right direction, a win win for everyone. So what do you do, if your company gets crazy successful by dominating a market? Exactly, you give in to the pressure of right wing politicians and credit card companies. Tumblr has shown us how good that works. Tumblr what you ask? Right, it’s just a niche website now which has barely any new users. The only bright side about this mess is the fact that Twitter had a field day with this kind of stupidity. And we proudly present the funniest roasts. Enjoy!


#1: Everything can happen now

#2: Perhaps they like losing money

#3: Please don’t drag innocent cheeseburgers into this

#4: Great minds act alike

#5: Ouch, that stings

#6: If it pays the rent, it’s a real job

#7: Wise words

#8: How to hurt yourself for beginners

#9: We too enjoyed the Playboy interviews only

#10: This guy is on fire

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