The best Tweets About Renting

Renting is definitely one of the perks when you’re living in a bigger city. Investing half of your monthly income into what is basically a closet with locks, the exciting interactions with your neighbours when you tell the college girl next door that you DON’T have a corkscrew at 2am in the morning on a Tuesday, the joy you feel when you’re part of the journey called growing up aka screaming newborns at every hour of the weekend, what’s not to like? And don’t even get us started on hunting for a flat. The learning experience you are allowed to have when competing with people who’s job can be basically described as «rich son» and the choices you have between «gang infected wasteland but affordable» and «I have only one kidney left, but that would be enough for half of the deposit». The whole process is a gift that keeps on giving. And we found a whole bunch of people who are feeling exactly the same. Enjoy!