The Best Tweets About the Constant State of Tiredness

A surprisingly large part of belonging to the confusing species of humans is to envy animals that eat as much as possible one half of the year and sleep the other half. Sure, mathematically speaking, we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. Except when we have children under 8 or over 13, a job or are over 45 and keep wandering between bathroom and bedroom or googling the effectiveness of pumpkin seeds for bladder weakness. Oh, you have a smartphone, you’re saying? Well, then of course this rule doesn’t apply to you and won’t ever sleep again. But hey, since you’re up and don’t know what to do with yourself seize the moment and have fun with the best Tweets about being tired all the time!


#1: We want to know:

#2: Uhm …

#3: Us, 365 days a year:

#4: Bedroom footage when you’re over 30

#5: Either?

#6: Are there scientists around?

#7: We already tested this and the answer is no

#8: So between 15 and 89, right?

#9: Same

#10: This game comes with a lot of updates

#11: Everyone. Everyday.

#12: Say you have kids without saying you have kids

#13: We call this the zombie mode

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