The Best Tweets About the Major Facebook Outage

Okay, everything back to normal, right? Phew! Yes, some of us might have woken up feeling a little weary this morning as multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, went down on Monday for about six hours due to *checking notes* networking issues and send us back to the dark times. Anyone else who felt like a newborn trying to find out how to call someone or send text messages? Funnily, we were not the only one’s not getting in. In fact, employees at the company’s Menlo Park, California, campus were unable to access Facebook offices and conference rooms that required a security badge. Anyway, there is always a bright side, with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down let’s just say: Welcome to Twitter, everyone!


#1: This shouldn’t be too hard

#2: Is it Halloween yet?

#3: Yet again?

#4: Just get naked and bath in moonlight, freak!

#5: Well …

#6: It’s a mystery …

#7: Run!

#8: Stay focused!

#9: OculusVR?

#10: You’re welcome!

#11: Sure …

#12: That is why you should keep a key under the mat!

#13: Hello there!

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