The Funniest Tweets About The Olympics

So the Olympic Games are in full swing and while we all learn something new everyday (don’t even pretend you had extensive knowledge about the gymnastic triple hufflejump or whatever), after all it’s all about emotions. The tears of joy, when the guys from Russia win another medal while being on more steroids than the average meth junkie, the warm welcome Japan provided to people from all over the world (while taking in the mind-boogling number of exactly 47 refugees during the years of war in Syria) or the assistent trainer from Germany, going into full racist mode because he was «upset». But he made up for it with an extensive apology, which can easily be summarized with «ooopsy, I did a wooopsy». But at least we have Twitter, so we dived deep again and found the best Tweets for you to endure this spectacle to the end. Let the games begin!