The Most Hilarious Tweets About Wearing Bras

Hello ladies, oh and the gentlemen who «accidentally clicked the link» and are simply «too polite» to close this tab without reading the entire article. Let’s start with giving each of us a little context on our topic of choice: the average woman owns 14 bras, sorting her aversion for them according to material and the reason for wearing them. The range extends from sports bras made of microfiber: they cause accidents that otherwise are only known from commercial fishing, but you can wear them for up to 16 weeks without a break before you cut yourself out with a scalpel. In the middle are underwire bras, which are sometimes needed to keep the girls in check, but the second your fake smile freezes at the end of a zoom meeting they loose their reason for existing. The top of the aversion is anything with lace and pads, which serves the same purpose as a PhD in philosophy: nice to own, hopefully someone will confuse it with something really useful but never make the mistake of trying to showing off with it. If there are any questions left, please consult our fine, comfortable selection of bra Tweets!


#1: Uhm, officer, it might sound a little unusual but …

#2: That’s why it’s called bramnesia

#3: Release the hounds!

#4: You need a higher table

#5: Free the girls!

#6: Knock, knock! It’s your bra that hasn’t seen you in a while!

#7: Legend!

#8: Great place for a corporate history

#9: So much to learn

#10: It’s never too early!

#11: Erotic daydreaming once your over 30

#12: Hello? HELLO?!

#13: Except from really having to exercise

Remember the days when you didn’t have to change for your working out?

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