The Most Relatable Tweets About Working in an Office

Working in an office is great, no doubt. We mean, what could be better than getting up early to ride through the rush hour to get to a computer and do the same thing you could do in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of your own home?! Except for the lovely coworkers who try to smuggle in their cat or made a habit out of heating bean stew in the office kitchen, right? Well, in case you’ve successfully pushed away the benefits of working in an office, we’ll remind you with our selection of relatable office Tweets. Enjoy!


#1: Sometimes we’re just here for the conversations

#2: Oh, just a guy and his machete

#3: As per my last email …

#4: Quite a bit of performance pressure for the person coming after

#5: Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

#6: Cute

#7: And she’s an astronaut!

#8: 😆

#9: So we’re not the only ones, yay!

#10: Welcome to the twilight zone

#11: What an emotional rollercoaster

#12: Definitely not trying this therapy

#13: Have you tried turning your pc off and then turning it on again?

#14: Hm …

All you’re looking for is something that makes you stare on the screen for the next ten minutes without actually having to work?

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