Thread: Breakfast for Champions

Do you remember the times as kid when you couldn’t wait for breakfast since cereals came with a little surprise? A super realistic agent badge. A couple of stickers that glow in the dark. A plastic spoon that no one ever used. Guess what, the good old times are back. Except, the little something General Mills added to the box of their beloved cinnamon cereals was not the obvious gift choice. At least not for Jensen Karp who put his findings on Twitter. Look, what happened!


The company’s response came quickly.

Although the offer was nice it still didn’t answer the obvious question how a piece of shellfish made it into a box of cereals.

Again, the Company tried to do some damage control and released this statement which maybe wasn’t perfectly thought through. The plot thickens …

Karp and the company then moved the debacle to direct messages. Luckily, Karp didn’t miss to update his Twitter followers.

Unfortunately, to date the mystery of the sugary shrimp tails has not been solved. But we all should take two things out of this thread: First, if you run a company please be smart about public statements as they the internet is a powerful thing. And second, if you want a healthy breakfast try a banana.
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