Thread: Police Brutality

In today’s special, we found Twitter user @greg_doucette who found supporting Tweets and evidence that police brutality is on the rise. It does not seem to be winding down. Not all cops are bad and not all cops abuse their power. But the ones that do abuse their power, are making its very citizen that they swore to protect fed up. By now you may have seen all the looting and burning down of buildings. It’s becoming chaotic out there and the president’s response is to send in the military. Granting the military to use brute force if needed. It’s questionable that if the military steps it will only make things worse. We hope that the media covers more of the good cops that are out there kneeling and protesting against police brutality. We saw members of the Miami Police department hugging it out with its community and promising the people to use less force. If we can’t de-escalate this situation we are looking at what can become the next civil war. I leave you guys with this famous quote- ‹America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves› – Abraham Lincoln. Enjoy today’s special and remember not all cops are bad.


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