Thread: What’s the most Awkward date y’all ever been On?

Let’s admit it, being alone can be tough. Basically, we all expected social distancing to be our time! Finally the end of all those who breathe into our necks while waiting for the cashier to finish their nice little chat with their colleague. Or that strange guy in the office who always has this impulse to touch things on your desk. But after a year of pandemic it’s getting a little frustrating to talk to Harry the lamp or to argue with Winston the sneaky fridge over the last bit of milk. (He’s lactose intolerant anyway, WTF Winston?) Although it appears that there’s one thing that is even harder than being alone and that is dating. Can you feel it, the cold sweat creeping up your spine by the sound of the word? Unfortunately, that seems to be a totally appropriate reaction as the following Tweets suggest.


So, did anybody else just decide to stay single for the rest of their lives? Don’t make up your mind yet, there’s also good stuff waiting for you.

If that changed your mind, this article might be for you:

The best Tweets about Marriage