Thread: When I Was a Little Girl in the 90s, I Wanted a Batman Birthday Party, but I Was Told That «Batman Was for Boys.»

Okay, at some point we all have to admit that we are not that young anymore and that it is time for us to grow up. Perhaps in this life we ​​will no longer become a world known skateboarder or find ourselves in the unfavorable but exciting position of carrying The One Ring to Mordor. But yet some wishes stay on our bucket list for a lifetime, even if social conventions keep telling us to put them in the sad corner of missed opportunities. Twitter user @SparkyMularkey always had the dream of having a Batman birthday party but first she was told that «Batman was for boys» and then she kind of grew out of the typical Batman age! But the point about the really big dreams basically is: you can never grow out of them. You only need someone to remind you of that!


Many users were touched by this birthday surprise. Some shared their own stories, others used this thread to remind us of a very true Batman lesson:

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