Me: *angrily putting my son’s toys away* I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. Son: What’d I do?! Me: Do you honestly think Peppa Pig could beat Darth fucking Vader in a fight.

Boon and bane: 12 Tweets about kids!

Kids are like horror movies: When it gets quiet, something terrible is going to happen. Here are 12 of the best Tweets about our always loved children!

Donald Trump Meme

A new Donald Trump Meme has appeared

Donald Trump sparked controversy when he was photographed in Pennsylvania, pumping his fists while on his way to an event memorialising the attacks of September 11th, 2001. The internet did not disappoint and delivered shortly …

How long can a lemon roll?

Check out this awesome video of Twitter user @sakeriver. He happens to find a rolling lemon on his way home. Good for us he brought his cellphone up and filmed the rolling lemon about a …

Do you know the distracted boyfriend meme

Do you know the «Distracted Boyfriend» Meme?

Chances are good you know the «Distracted Boyfriend» Meme. We have something to tell you. There is more. Much more. And its going down on Twitter right now. It turns out that the «Distracted Boyfriend …

best of zuckerberg tweets

The best and funniest #zuckerberg tweets and memes

After seeing the Testimony to Congress, did you ever asked yourself if Mark Zuckerberg is an Alien, or why 80 year old people should ask important questions about facebook? We have the answers. Get ready …