Weird memories from elementary school: A Thread

We know them all. These moments from primary school days, which we will remember forever and ever. Oh, what a great time it was when the only problems were the wrongly lubricated lunch or the toy that we not received. When it was always girls against boys when catching and it was not a good day if you didn’t come home with grass stains on your shirt and holes in your pants. Let’s reminisce with Melina with her thread about memories from primary school.


These smelled SO bad:

The cold window:

Music lessons:

This hurts so bad:

This is anxiety:

So familiar:

«Smart» boards:

Wooden flavor:

The smell of these:

Best feeling:

Don’t trust this people:


So cool:


Never forget:

Bad Boy Gear:

The flavor:


Scholastic book fair:

Pencil Grips: